Thursday, December 15, 2011

Barcelona: Day 114 : Last Call .

We were up early today to get out to Gardermoen Airport outside of Oslo. As per usual, it wasn't really light outside the entire time... By the time we got in the air above the clouds though, the sun was gorgeous. Oslo was awesome -- I'm going to miss it. However, I think both Kendall and I agreed that two days was a good amount of time. We saw a lot -- and the point was really to see a lot of different architecture. It was interesting because this is not the general tourist things that people do... but more of our own little architectural excursion. We got to travel off the beaten path, and go through the sort of normal daily routine of a Norwegian.

We arrived back in Barcelona at around 15:00, after having transferred in Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport. This was the last time we'd take the train back into Barcelona, as Kendall is leaving Monday and I'll be on my way Tuesday morning. 5 more days is all there is. And I must admit, I'm ready.

I know I keep talking about going home and the things leading up to going home and everything else. Today it hit me the most. Tomorrow, I'm going to start trying to pack things up a bit, and at least get that process started, because I have a long way to go. I need to go look for a Barcelona souvenir.. after all this time that I've been here, I don't actually have one which is a bit ridiculous.

By this point, a good number of people from both Texas and Clemson have left. This weekend will yield many more departures. I'm planning on staying up all night Monday night so that I can sleep on the plane on the way home.

But, this is it folks. This is just about the end. Over 100 days, living in a foreign country, visiting other foreign countries, spending piles of money, absorbing culture, studying architecture, making new friends and strengthening the bond between existing ones. How is it all going to look when I'm looking back from the States? What will reverse culture shock be like? Will my time here affect my work, style, or even work ethic upon my return? It's going to be weird getting used to things as they were before I left.

It's the simple things, like being able to drive a car around instead of always taking public transportation. It's being with your family, and not really making your own decisions or traveling somewhere on a whim.. It's having meals cooked for you, and it's being able to watch TV in your own language, and heck, being able to watch TV at all for that matter. The comforts of home are quite different from the 'comforts' we have here. We've just gotten so used to it all. Gotten used to no heat or a/c, and just wearing whatever is comfortable for the weather. Gotten used to barely any rain, and definitely no snow. Gotten used to a blue sky that stretches as far as you can see, and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I'd imagine that we've absorbed a good bit of the culture that's here, and even walking into a store and not saying 'hola' may feel very strange. But, there are still a few days left to get myself situated and prepared for the journey home. My feelings? Well, they can't really be explained. But I know I'm ready to go. And until then? It's the last call for this Barcelona adventure.

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  1. Thank you sooooo very much for your comment! You might now be the best part of my day....I look forward to reading your blog as well. Writing every day is a challenge at times for sure. It's nice to meet another person in the trenches. Cheers....


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