Wednesday, December 28, 2011

coffee .

While reading my book today I encountered a rather obscure and unthought-of truth: Coffee is middle-aged America's drug of choice. The stuff is everywhere. And some people are so hooked that they physically can't start their day without it. Now, I like coffee, but I've never absolutely needed it in order to start my day. I'm glad about that, too. It's nice to try different kinds, and nice to soak it all in. And sometimes, let's be real, a hot drink is just what the doctor ordered. But not all the time.

I supposed in all honesty, the same goes for tea. My Dad somehow manages to drink 4 or 5 cups of the stuff a day while he works at his desk... It's almost impressive. I'm mildly afraid of health effects that could happen over time, but more than anything, I just don't need it. A good night's sleep, and I'll be ready to tackle the next day, not needing any sort of caffeine boost.

During school of course, through the all-nighters and the aftermath of the former, it's a must. I can't help that. But one would hope, if I don't use it much, it'll be all the more effective when I need it to be...

Still, a drug? Perhaps. What are your thoughts? Coffee: a smooth and warm after dinner drink or a kickstart to the day? Or a middle-aged addiction...

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