Sunday, December 18, 2011

Barcelona: Day 117 : there for you .

I thought of this topic yesterday, intending to go in a particular direction, but when I saw it today my mind went to one thing in particular, and that was a song by Flyleaf called "There for You." The words are absolutely stunning, and I love that I've even had the pleasure of hearing this song. For the longest time, the words spoke to me, and still often apply to things that go on in my life. Lacey Mosley is a true genious.. and her voice is gorgeous. The one line that sticks out is 'sometimes I'm a selfish fake / you're always a true friend.'

What is a true friend? How can we define that?

I have a good number of friends; I'm sure we all have people that we can say are our friends. But I think there's a great division between the people we absolutely trust and can label as our true friends and those who are the fairweather ones, more so just that dude you hang out with in class because he's funny; it's not someone you want to go hang out with and have life talks with.

During my time at Clemson thus far, there are a few people I've been lucky enough to add to that exclusive list of people I can really spill to, the ones I often have late night talks with, and the ones that are so very much there for me. And I really value that friendship -- I'd virtually give anything for it.

I've talked before about putting in effort in those sorts of things, because it means so much just to try. Especially for those of you who really try from a far ways away -- some even from countries away. You have no idea how much your undying support means to me, and probably never will -- but know that you are always appreciated and loved and thanked eternally. I pray constantly for you all that you find happiness in all that you do.

It's these sorts of people that I am willing to go above and beyond for; the ones that are truly worth my time and worth my effort. I've been left behind in so many situations and the fact of the matter that has more or less become a life's truth for me is that not everyone is going to care about you as much as you care about them. When you find someone who gives as much of a damn about you as you do about them, you better hold on for dear life.

So my friends, I will always be there for you. I will celebrate your joys with you, and I will hold you in your sadness. I will be the shoulder you can lean on, the ear that you can vent to, the arms that can hold you when you're weak, and any other thing that you could possibly ever need. That's something that you can take with you for the entirety of your life, and I can promise you that it won't ever change, because I don't intend to ever stop that sort of support. You've given it to me, and, my dear friends, it is only fair that I reciprocate -- but more importantly, I want to. You've give me so much. I can't say it any better than this: I will always be there for you.

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