Thursday, December 1, 2011

Barcelona: Day 100 : the Beginning of the End .

Finals began today. Finals as in, the final reviews for our Studio course. As per the usual, last night meant crunch time. I took an hour and a half nap from 5am to 630, and then got up and continued working. It's been just barely enough to get me through the day on what little sleep I had, and Ryan didn't even sleep at all. Our review may not have gone very well, but we presented the best that we could. We couldn't help that there was a very tough reviewer and he sort of set the tone for what everyone else said. We had struggled since the beginning of our project of how to tie every piece together, and that was what was noticed in the final product.

However, in this sort of situation we need to count our blessings, as they mentioned nothing regarding the quality or clarity of the drawings themselves. Therefore, I think that we can assume that they were good and concise enough to understand. That in and of itself is a personal victory, because generally I struggle with explaining myself through 2D graphics. I think that we got a lot of practice with that.

All that set aside, regardless of how much we got buttraped in a review, or how hard it was to stay awake, or how much stress you had getting everything finished, we're done. Studio is over for us, and with the exception of tomorrow's class to finish presentations, we won't ever have to deal with Spanish studio again. I must say, I like the American style better and am excited to get back to a normal Clemson studio. I'm just about Poble-Nou-ed out...

So this is the first of December today. This is the beginning of the end. The classes will end, and after we turn in our travel papers next Friday, we'll be totally on our own until we leave. On Thursday we will have the final dinner with the whole Clemson group. It's going to be a weird feeling getting to go home. I'm excited and nervous. I know I've mentioned this before... but the realization is beginning to set in that my departure is quite imminent. I just need to make sure that I fit in everything I want to do before I leave. And, let's not forget a trip to Norway. That's coming up quite soon too... a week and a half or so.

It's also the 100th day in Barcelona. What a crazy day! Finals, new month, milemarker of writing, it's all there. It's been amazing to be here, but lest I forget that it will all disappear soon, I want to make sure that I appreciate every day that I have left here! I'm under the 20 days to go mark... and that will evaporate rapidly!

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