Sunday, December 11, 2011

Barcelona: Day 110 : Oslo-bound .

So we're leaving for Oslo tomorrow! I've kept my eye on the weather and despite some predicted blizzard weather for 2 of the days we'll be there, it seems to have lightened up a good bit and we'll be in luck. The place where Kendall and I are staying happens to have a webcam. You know what? They already have snow on the ground. I could not be more stoked. I feel like it's been ages since I've seen snow -- I'm such a winter junkie.

So tomorrow afternoon we'll be hopping on the train to go to an extremely foreign extremely exotic place. We have to take 2 flights, connecting through Amsterdam. So there might be a short layover, but that's okay. It's going to be an awesome trip -- and though it may be quite short, I'm quite excited to have the opportunity to go. It's a completely new currency, a completely new language, but it's the best of both worlds because almost everyone speaks English. The public transportation system looks pretty well done, so we'll see how it turns out. All it takes is a quick tram ride from city centre to our hostel stop at Haraldsheim, and luckily there is a tourist/visitor centre right outside Oslo S (the central Oslo rail station, which is where we'll roll in from Gardmoeren Airport).

So that's what's going on! Just got some packing left to do and checking on a few transportation things. I think the trip might be a little bit expensive, but it'll be totally worth it. I've never been anywhere in Scandinavia, and I'm hoping that if I really like it I'll be able to go back and visit in the summer time and go up into the mountains and such. There's some seriously breathtaking stuff out there (just check out Preikestolen if you don't believe me).

If you'd be so kind... make sure to send a few prayers up for safe travel for us to Oslo. I'll check in tomorrow before I leave for Music Monday.

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