Saturday, December 10, 2011

Barcelona: Day 109 : A few more things .

I woke up today, late, around 2 in the afternoon. After feeling that I had wasted the day before, I didn't want to blow any more time, since it is rapidly running out. Ryan's side was drastically empty, and I tried to almost put it out of my mind since it is such a reminder that you are now alone. I'm sure that in the next week many more people will be leaving. This post is going to be a sort of update on the state of things, so it may not be too long or interesting, but it's just what was on my mind today.

Jenn and Brittany and I decided to visit the chocolate museum (aptly named Mmmmmmm... Xocolat, which is in Cátalan). We got a little lost on the way there, but eventually found it and it was neat to see all the things made out of chocolate. It's amazing what people can do with some milk and cocoa... Walking around today, it was amazing to see the number of people that were out and about. I would assume that most were shopping. It has indeed become the Christmas season in Barcelona, and all the lights around the city go on each night in order to remind you of it. It does, however, make walking around a bit of a chore. Oh well, right?

Norway is happening on Monday, and I feel like I haven't planned as much for that as I did for Dublin. Scratch that, I know I haven't planned as much. But, we pretty much know how to get from the airport to where we're staying, and that's probably the most important. The thing that's a little scary is that there is going to be some seriously heavy weather on Monday and Tuesday, which are respectively the day that we're traveling there and our first day to visit Oslo. While I love snow, I don't think walking around in Oslo in the middle of a blizzard would be too exciting -- though I'm sure the city handles these sorts of things with ease. Either way, I'm ecstatic to finally see some snow. I realized today that I would have pictures in my cache of memories with tropical scenery, and then that of a winter wonderland! Since there is never really a promise of fluffy white stuff in New Jersey each season, this should be great. I just need a few prayers to float up there and make sure that we don't run into any problems; much appreciated.

I have one more paper to write, on Dublin, and I'd like to have it done before I leave for Norway, since it's due the day I get back. I'm interested in the topic, but don't really feel like writing a paper. Probably should have done it last weekend, but I don't regret spending the time relaxing. What can I say? The finals are over and I feel completely done with school and the pressure's off. It shouldn't take me long to finish.

Finally, Kendall and I hung out a good bit today and I offered to give Ryan's empty slot to him if he wanted to sleep there. Might be better than sleeping in the pigsty that have become his room (that's not his fault of course... but rather another unnamed individual's). It's nice to have some company. He's a good guy.

I should probably go. It's late, and I need to wake up reasonably early tomorrow for church. Excited for the things that I still have yet to do on the rest of this trip! Ryan, I hope you made it home safe and sound and have an excellent reentry into America. It's certainly going to be interesting to go back... Goodnight from Barcelona.

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