Friday, March 30, 2012

aurora borealis .

I was reading an AOL article today when I stumbled upon a set of pictures of the Northern lights, scientifically known as aurora borealis. I don't really have much of an official bucket list, but if I had one written in stone this would definitely be on it -- to see it in person I mean. There are so many pictures online, but I'm sure, as is the case with many other breathtaking sights, there is nothing like seeing it in person.

How amazing would it be the live somewhere where seeing the lights happened semi-often? I'm not positive on this, but I've heard that they don't really happen that often and it takes a special collection of circumstances for them to be visible; in addition the colors and whatnot are dependent upon various conditions. Regardless... I'm pretty sure I'd spend years on end living somewhere if I knew that one day I could see the lights.
There is just something moving about the way the colors dance across the sky as if painted there, and to boot there is the beautiful snow and ice that accompanies the pictures and often reflects the light. Perhaps snow isn't always there, but given the distance North that you need to be in order to see this, I would assume that a large amount of the time, there will indeed be snow coverage on the ground. Perhaps one day...

Also, learned today that Scion is actually a word, not just a car company. The definition is 'a descendant of a notable family or one with a long lineage.' I see. Now the fact that they named a car company after that makes much more sense!

Also, I'm going to try to start posting more pictures with my blogs. Generally, I don't like to, simply because I'd prefer being able to paint the picture with my words than to just copy and paste an imagine. However, in some ways it does enhance the experience, and thus I think it might help not only the reader visualize better, but it is a way to better explain my thoughts. Right? Sure.

Today's Thought Provokers
What is one thing that you know you couldn't die without seeing?


  1. Man I just realized that I should have added that to my bucket list.

  2. I've actually seen them before.... I used to live in Nashua, NH. Near a field between the NH and MA border years and years ago my dad had stopped the car and there were vague ripples of red in the sky. I must have been 9 or 10 I think, but what little me remembers is just that it was breathtaking. To see it again and in person is definitely something that I want to do.

  3. This would be sooooo cool to see... I totally agree with you here!

    Cool that you've seen them Stephanie!


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