Thursday, March 1, 2012

i'm back!

Wow, so hello and many apologies for a long-awaited post! (Well, maybe not long awaited, but I am very well aware it has indeed been a few days since I've written!) Before I get started on this particular post, man, let me tell you -- it has been an eventful couple of days (let me just expel the notions of the diary-blogger before I get on to real material... I know; who could possible endure such a travesty?!). I had a law test on Tuesday and a review today, and most of my time has been eaten up studying for the test or working tirelessly on the project. But the test went okay and the review went well and now, halfway through the week it feels like Friday! Though of course I still have plenty of things to occupy my time with. But, I figured I would take tonight off just to enjoy myself. That will probably come back later to slap me in the face... but until then, I'm gonna just milk the opportunity. During these short past few days I must have been mentally inspired, because I have like 10 new ideas for blogs. Maybe I just went through blog withdrawal... either way, keep ya eyes out for some (hopefully) good material comin' your way. Oh and one more thing? Watched Zombieland tonight; it was fucking awesome. The end.

And now on to a more serious note. The other night, I was walking back from a Central Spirit meeting to my car, parked at Hendrix, and was making the walk by myself. The other guys I normally eat dinner with or hang out with after were going other directions or getting a ride home. This doesn't concern me in the least, and I proceeded to make a leisurely stroll in the general direction of my car, gazing up at the night sky and of course picking out pretty much the only constellation I know -- Orion -- which is of course characterized by 3 bright stars in a row (the belt). I am by no means an astronomer, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure this particular constellation is only visible in the winter, as I have never seen it in the summer... and it's always a treat to be able to see it out of the tons of other stars out there.

I didn't listen to my iPod on the way back, as I have been doing around campus lately, and it was a breath of fresh air. More than that, really. For the first time in a long time, I got to experience that dead silence that I used to so often enjoy on the walks back from studio at 4 or 5am last year. Driving to campus is great and listening to music nonstop is great. But boy, do I love me some serious silence. I've missed the silence, and right then and there I knew I had to write a post about it. That time, when all is still and nothing is going on, and the normally flooded campus is devoid of any people, has always been and always will be a magical time. I remember back when I used to walk past the high rises at an ungodly hour, and count the number of lights that were on, thinking to myself that no, I wasn't the only insane person here... there were others who were creatures of the night, too.

I've been a few places in my life where this sort of silence exists, but trust me when I say that there aren't many. As world density increases and everything seems to get louder (from the highway out the window to the neighbors next door) there isn't much time where you can sit, listen, and simply here nothing. It's one of the reasons I enjoy staying up so late all the time. And being outside at that time? It's like the world is your own. No one else gets to see that or experience it; the moment is yours. One time last year I laid down in the middle of the giant diagonal crosswalk just because I could, because I knew that there wasn't a soul out on the road. It's all very liberating. And the moment at around 4:30am, when the first birds begin chirping as they know that sunrise is just around the corner, you can slowly begin to see the world awaken again. You'll see the dedicated 5am runners and the buses start rolling around again. And your magical world is lost. But fear not, for it returns every single night. And every once in awhile, I have the glorious opportunity to savor it.

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