Sunday, March 25, 2012

devotionals ftw & coming home .

The devotional for today (being Sunday, but sorta also Saturday or at least that's how I count it because I haven't gone to bed sleep yet) was a pretty awesome one. I have always been a proponent of the phrase 'carpe diem.' Sieze the day, yeah? Exploit life to it's fullest potential and grab opportunity before it passes you by. But from now on, I think I might be inclined to think it through a bit more.

This particular devotional writes that "while God does give His people opportunities for success, advancement and growth," we are challenged to think before we act. Are we coming by the gain honestly, or dishonestly?

I never really thought of it that way. Random example that I just thought of. I was in the airport today, and a guy had been bumped off a flight. But let's say he was on standby instead, and wanted to get on the flight -- he was in line first, but didn't hear the lady because he was wearing headphones or something, and I had the opportunity to get on (assuming I was also on standby). The gain simply wouldn't be honest.

Honesty has always been a virtue of mine and I'd like to think that I am at the very least semi-virtuous; though, it's quite easy to look past virtue if the opportunity is beckoning with a devilish grin. It's yours for the taking! If you want to live with the fact that you gained it dishonestly. Frankly, I'd rather not put myself in that position. I've said it before on here I think, and I'll say it again, the phrase my Dad always said to me, that being, how much is your integrity worth? I'm pretty sure it's as simple as that.

On another short note, made it back to Clemson today. Crazy to think I've only got a year a few months left here, and then I'll be on to new and different things. Still feels like a home away from home, and I'm back to my lovely big bed (which I still have to sleep diagonally on to fit, but hey, it's bigger than a twin and beggars can't be choosers). Hope the weekend is going well for everyone.

Today's Thought Provokers
--Have you ever been put in a position where you could have gained dishonestly? What did you do?
--Where is your 'home away from home'? 

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