Thursday, March 1, 2012

sunrise v. sunset .

It's no secret that I am completely enamored with sunrises and sunsets. One of the reasons I love working super hours at the club is the fact that I am literally at work before the sun comes up, and I have the pleasure of seeing it come up all the time. Most would just see it as awful that you'd have to get up that early for work... I love it. The peace and quiet in the building, the beauty that ensues, not to mention the day goes much quicker. But that's not what this is about. I love sunrises and sunsets, and I don't think I could possible decide which I like better. There is something magical about both. This though popped into my mind while reading the blog of Carlotta Cisternas, and she happened to put a picture of a sunrise in one of her recent posts.

Sunrise to me is all about new life. It is, literally and figuratively, the dawn of a new day. Everything looks so crisp and fresh as slowly it is bathed in the low-lying rays of the rising sun. But sunsets are always rich and calming, and the sun slowly disappears below the horizon leaving behind an auburn sky, like the red embers of a dying fire. It's so hard to choose. So I just won't.

The beginnings and ends of days are always really interesting to me. I liked the shifts at work that were on the book ends of the hours we were open, because if you were opening, you got to witness the absolute pristine quiet but for the hum of the building itself, and start your day relaxed and slowly get into it. If you were closing, you let the hustle and bustle slowly drain from the club and by the time you were leaving you were literally the last car out there. There's something special about that, that little alone time that you have walking to your car.

I for one, talk to myself in that time... analyzing things, just speaking what's on my mind. But sometimes I'm silent too, and just enjoy the silence. Am I a strange person or what? There's always so many things going on it seems in my head. And so that's it really... I have too many favorite parts of the day... haha

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