Thursday, March 8, 2012

first kiss .

It was a date for that night, and I was a wreck
And by that I mean my heart was aflutter
Was hoping I wouldn't miss or stutter
Or embarrass myself because I was so nervous

Regardless as the night went on and waned
And the popcorn was all popped yet still left uneaten
The movie played on and we were there on the couch
Left all alone by the parents, and I couldn't believe it.

And when it felt right and all was said and done,
a kiss on your lips; yep, I planted on.
It sure wasn't perfect, I am surely no pro.
And my mouth was all squished, tied up like a bow.
And yeah it was weird, and yeah I so hated
how awkward I felt, but man so elated.

There's something special about the very first one;
it never will leave you no matter that woes
that waft to and fro in your mind all alone
And whether things end for good bad or worse,
I'll always know the first one, while on time just goes

Something as simple as planting a kiss
A quick special moment, yet not easy to miss
Wasn't sure how to write on this topic, though
I decided that lyric was better than prose
Because when I arose from a beaut state of mind,
the awkward first kiss, well it was now all behind

Me, at first I had been so scared, but wanted so dearly
to show that I cared.
That's what it means, right? At the heart of the deed.
Because with one simple kiss, I think that it shows,
that no matter the weather or parent's approval,
it is you that I wanted, and you that I need.

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