Saturday, March 17, 2012

tonight .

Tonight started out great and never ended! What a crazy turn of events. Let me try to sum it up. It's the last day before break, and I'm flying out of GSP in a few hours to head back up to Jersey. I had to leave for the airport at 330am... naturally the smart thing to do would be to go to sleep early so I could be well rested for the early wake up. So of course, I decided to go out and party on my last night in college town for awhile. And let me say it was well worth it!

I rarely ever have the time to go out, and I feel tonight was definitely well-deserved and certainly needed. I met some new people and got to go out with some old friends, and the bars weren't too full (since everyone usually skidaddles right away for the break) and we had a positively grand time rollin' hard listening to some acoustic sets from the live band and drinking some cold beer. Could the night get any better, you ask?


We head to Cook Out afterward, to get some much-needed good eats before all of our travels (not all of us were flying out, but others definitely had trips planned, or a requirement to wake up pretty early). Upon taking a leisurely time to devour our greaseball food, we realize it's already 250am (we had stayed out 'til 2 when the bar kicked us out) and I got someone to drive me home so I could finish up packing and finalize my travel arrangements.

Josh came up and got me to take me to the airport and I was stilly a bit tipsy, but it made the ride that much more fun. Oh, and did I mention we ran out of gas on the way?! We were cruisin' along at about 80 when all of a sudden the engine cut out. We hear nothing.. just coasting. We coast the end of a ramp, luckily, and just as we get to the end the light turns green so we coast a bit more. Luckily for us there is no traffic and we coast into a gas station a few hundred feet away -- only to find that it doesn't take credit cards!!

Luckily we were able to push the car to the gas station next door, where we got enough gas to get us to the airport. Good thing, too, because my other friend who was riding with us needed to catch a flight to Aruba!

Needless to say, the whole night was a blast and I'm hoping to have many more like it. I love all the craziness, life's curveballs, and just the general hype. I'm sure I'm going to run out of gas hard on the flights (yes, multiple, with an s) home but until then, I'm flyin' high (pun intended). After all, isn't that what college life is all about!?


  1. Wow - sounds like quite an eventful time! What are you studying in college?

    1. architecture; i'm in my third year of 4 but still need to figure out grad school

  2. 1- I love puns
    2- That sounds like a whole lot of fun
    3- Why consider sleep to have energy for a flight? It's not like you have to fly the plane or anything... :P


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