Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i am not a thrillseeker .

I watched a video today about Felix Baumgartner, a man who has been breaking records left and right regarding parachuting and base jumping. So watch the video first.
Felix is taking part in a Red Bull project called Red Bull Stratos -- where he will attempt to free fall from the reaches of the upper atmosphere -- with nothing but a parachute strapped on his back. If he succeeds, it will be the highest free fall every made by a human.

But he brings up several really interesting points in the video, and these are the ones that stuck out:

"I hate if someone calls me a thrill-seeker or an adrenaline junkie, because I'm not; I like the whole planning; this is what satisfies me"

"Sometimes I have to ask myself, is it really worth the risk? Because I know it all comes with a price."

"That very last moment before you go off; that's the scariest one because you know, this is your last call for turning around."

"I'm that type of person who wants to enjoy life. If there is fun out there, I want it!"

Okay, so I know I basically quoted the entire video, but there is a lot to be learned from this guy's outlook on life. Sure, he's had some amazing opportunities and is involved with some really neat projects and sports. But he's not doing it for the press, not doing it for the thrills, and not doing it to set records. He's doing it because it's fun and because all of the physics and planning behind it is interesting.

And just because we could categorize Felix with the Travis Pastrana's of the world, doesn't mean that risk doesn't exist, and certainly doesn't mean that these people are completely devoid of fear either. It is all very real, and there is a real 'give it all you got and leap' mentality. It may seem like it's just a sport, but I think that this is the type of thing that would follow you into the rest of the things that you do in your life.

I think that it's something we all need to do -- decide what is fun for us in life. And then run and go get it! For some it may be the extreme sports... but for other's it may very well be just writing down some notes for a book, or watching the sun go down over the horizon. Pick what's fun for you... and then don't stop until you get it. Enjoy your life with everything you got.

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