Sunday, March 4, 2012

pick up .

This one is dedicated to those who reached out over the past day... you guys are irreplaceable.

Sometimes things are just not swell
and no matter what they don't go well.
It's easy to get caught up in it all,
and realize you've been trying to go through walls
that impede all that you do and say
and regardless of the determined way
you push and shove that wall won't move
and opportunity you may lose.

And yet without a crying doubt
there are those people that without
you may not be here where you are
whether they are close or far
or near and by the ones next door
that show their faces beyond the floor
that spans the endless emptiness
of false illusions in your big mess.

They will not leave you ever now,
and that I know; always have somehow,
that whether I am young or old,
pristine white or soul half sold,
happiness beyond unfolds
and they will help me, I am told.

And for that I simply must confess
that I am filled with gratefulness.
For it is with this humble thanks
that I attempt to show you grace
and though I'd love to surprise you without a trace
just to see the shocked smile on your face
to thank for the things you've done
the words you've said (and that's a ton)
I can't seem to the find the way
to express the effect you had on my day.
And not just my day; no, more like my life;
a place of solace without my strife.

The years will pass yet we will stay
crossing paths on each others' way
to happiness and endless grace
I tell you this, will not erase.

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