Friday, March 23, 2012

passive social media .

Now that social media has taken over the world, it's pretty easy to blast your emotions out over the internet. It's funny also how easy it can be misinterpreted. I got rid of my Facebook profile almost two years ago, but I have since made a Twitter, and kind of enjoy it. Though of course, Twitter provides the same opportunity to passively blast emotions. I do it all the time, so don't think I'm being hypocritical, either.

The one thing that's always strange is to see the passive tweets (or posts, or whatever else) and if you know the person, you always wonder, 'does that apply to me?' I constantly put myself in hypothetical scenarios where passively posted things apply to me, happened as a result of me or something of the such... and WOW am I coming off self-centered....

Thing is, you just never know. And I worry that maybe sometimes I leave negative impressions, or I did something wrong and wasn't aware of it (guys seem to be guilty of that all the time) or something else. And I can't help but wonder... is that in regard to me?

So that's basically it. I think from now on, maybe I should think a little harder before posting things.

On second thought, fuck it, I'm just gonna do it anyways :)

And as a short post script, why are there so many people out there that use someone up beyond belief... until the point where emotions aren't felt, to the point where they are burned out, used up, and just hurting. I wish that wasn't so. And I pray that I am never a person that does that to someone else... Because seeing it happen to your friends is just painstaking.


  1. It definitely hurts seeing that happen to someone yes I agree. It sucks that there are people out there who do such things.

    As to passive social media - that was an intresting take. I have most definitely seen FB status updates that I have interpreted that way.

  2. this is a good point... and I am extremely guilty of it myself. I tend to let my emotions power my creative updates about how terrible the world is or how much people annoy me but sometimes they produce good poems in the end. (:

    1. absolutely; i'm with you there! lyrics are some of the best things that come out of my emotions


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