Sunday, January 30, 2011

family dinner .

You may read this title assuming that this post is going to be all about the joys of home, the family dinners that occur, and spending time with the other Gobat's. However, this, this is where you are mistaken. When coming to college I encountered a whole new bunch of people. In a sense, these people have become my Clemson family. In particular, the guys and a few of our neighbors this year have really become a family.

We make it a point to watch Jersey Shore every Thursday; it's just so ridiculous and there's a ton of great lines in it. Mike always makes a huge deal about having the family dinner, where everyone is present and enjoying the company of others. So for awhile we joked about doing the same.

Originally at the beginning of the school year I told my apartmates (all of these fragments are building up to the connecting knot, I promise) I would be happy to cook for them if they bought ingredients to do so. Well, it's been months since I put that list up, and even a full semester and I sorta forgot about it and doubted it was going to happen. Yet the other day, while I was working, my apartmates took a Walmart trip and came home with everything I had written down on the list!

And so, the family dinner is apt 8-2A was born. I really enjoy cooking and it's just fun for me.
Unfortunately I very rarely have the time to actually cook for myself, let alone a bunch of people. But on Friday night, we made the family dinner a reality. It was cool to have not only a home made meal, but to have it with some people that you really enjoy. It was a lot of fun, even though William and I were dragging most certainly from the stresses of a review day (and to think it wasn't even a full out review day and just an interim review... smh...). I made roast chicken with oven roasted potatoes and stir fry vegetables.

The next night, I decided what the heck, I'll cook again. I had already eaten out earlier that day, and plus it had been such a long day already and I just wanted to something fun. Family dinner 2 nights in a row? Unheard of. But again, super success (like the alliteration?).

This time I made something much simpler; it was just spaghetti with sauce and some ground beef and onions. Still delicious though! The meal really sort of got us all together and then we (as in Jordan Josh and I) headed back to Taylor's for some absolute ridiculousness.

Though I was super unproductive tonight (I suppose the evil counterpart of my earlier-productive day) I can't remember the last time I have laughed and smiled that much. I literally had tears in my eyes from laughter. It was amazing the joy just being together and having fun could provide. And at the end of the night, I don't think anything today could have been more appropriate or more satisfying. There are some key points that resulted in absolute hilarity, but I think I'll just let those lay to rest and we'll let the parties present bask in their previous tomfoolery. :)

Anyways, great night, so thanks to you who made it possible. We had a great dinner, a relaxing smoke and mini heart to heart; Wii had fun, and ate cake, and of course, laughed a whole bunch. Can't wait to do it again.

vvv This would've been the pic of the day, but I figured the other was more entertaining. This was before Taylor arrived for dinner (she couldn't come in with a giant banana and expect everything to be peaches, especially since she was late and had a commitment...) but spaghetti was great ! Definitely easy to make and hopefully will happen again soon. I'd love to be able to cook every week !
can't forget that vanilla coke either!
Thanks again guys, had a stellar time.

Lyric of the day:
"you'd found a friend to take you out of this place, someone you could lend a hand in return for grace"

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  1. You are beating me by a long shot at learning how to cook... I am still avoiding it, mostly since the first time I tried to boil pasta and it kept bubbling over the pot like crazy. I figured I did something wrong in the combination of how much pasta, how much water, the size of the pot, and amount of heat on the stove...ugh.

    I definitely know that lyric but my brain can't compute right now what song it's from.


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