Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Music Monday #1

So it's the first of the Music Mondays, and I'm gonna start it off with I'm Still Here by Johnny Rzeznik. It was from the soundtrack of Treasure Planet, which really may sound cheesy, but I mean, it's truly an amazing song.

Years ago when I first watched Treasure Planet, this song stood out to me more than any of the others. I was instantly addicted to it, and would watch that certain part of the movie over and over again just for the song. This of course was before I was an avid viewer of youtube videos, or really had discovered youtube in general.

Over time I sort of forgot about the song, and in the same way that favorite songs pass, this one did as well. However, I stumbled upon it once, and instantly fell in love with it again. It is one of those songs that gives me chills, makes me want to jump up and just scream to release everything. On a retreat once we walked way into the woods and everyone closed their eyes and you thought about everything that bothered you, made you mad, got you hot under the collar, and when you had built it up beyond relief you could just scream and let it all go. It was a great activity.

I tend to make a lot of playlists both on my ipod and itunes, and this one often makes an appearance. In the coming week, and over the rest of my life, this song inspires me to be my own person, do my own thing, and not worry about what other people think. I've always liked being independent; I've sort of lived on the philosophy that "they don't know me." And "the world is still sleepin' while I keep on dreamin' for me" and in the end, I just "want a moment to be real."

Enjoy the song, guys.

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