Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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So I had this neat idea last night while I was writing randomly in my bed, and it was that every time I wrote a blog, I would additionally post a song to listen to as well. Not sure whether I'd want it at the beginning or at the end. I suppose if it were at the beginning, it would provide a sort of soundtrack, enhancing this literary experience tenfold instead of simple silence.

Whether that would make things better or worse, only time and feedback would tell. In my eyes, of course, I feel the need to provide a soundtrack to my life, and music in and of itself is a quite essential part of my everyday experience. But when I write I'd like to think that it provokes some sort of emotion or perhaps some sort of thought in some way. Thus, having a musical background present might muddle the message that I am trying to convey, or even distract someone from the words that are there on the page.

Ever been reading something, when you suddenly realize that you've been reading the same thing over and over for the past however long it is? Amazing that people are so easily distracted -- and I am no exception. I would even go so far as to say that despite the fact that I generally set out to write about a specific topic, I stray from it often, exploring segways and experimenting with the possibilities of lyrical paths.

And many times I all of a sudden have a flood of ideas that pummel their way through my thoughts and there are so many that I forget about the rest of them. If only there were some way to capture them all in a moment, bit by bit, and save them until I was ready to ink them on the page.

Yet here I am, digressing from my topic again.

So then i thought maybe I should just make blog #3 and have a song of the day -- given that my life is constantly surrounded in music, or at least as much as I let it be, then it would easy to have some song that just touches me that day. Then I thought, well maybe that would be too much work... I've already got 2 blogs running. But I'm just enjoying it all so much; writing these things is a really special time of day for me. And then I thought, well what if I picked a set of lyrics that really meant something to me that day... and posted that in addition. Or as yet another separate blog. Is there such a thing as a blog addiction? Perhaps I just enjoy sharing my life -- and until now, have never really had a sufficient outlet. Sure, musical writing was always there -- but when it comes to lyrics, I like making them rhyme too much instead of getting a concise point across.

But I like the idea of a life soundtrack; what I'm thinking of is some song that you remember or happen to listen to that day and just really like. Example: I always listen to my ipod as I fall asleep, and sometimes I'll just be digging a song so much that I'll literally make a playlist with the same song on there about 10 or 15 times, and listen to only that song while I go to sleep. In a way, it lets you hear all the parts and it can really speak to you. Each time you can listen to a different part -- sometimes the lyrics, sometimes the drum tracks, sometimes the synth, sometimes the strings, sometimes the guitar.

I can imagine the notes dancing as they run through your nerve endings and veins, like a musical avalanche that sweeps you under and into its surreal world. What a cool concept. And to think, that just randomly came to me. Often I think of other topics to blog about while I blog. Must simply be something about the way my mind gets working... I don't know what it is; but it's pretty damn cool. I'm curious to see how long this continues, and how far I'll get through it. But more importantly, it will be sweet to look back years for now (if I get that far) and read things about a past self. Ideas, thoughts, mutterings, and emotions.

Getting off track again...

I'd really like to include music; I'd really like to include lyrics. I think what I'd like to do is maybe just add a quote of lyric to the end of each post -- but I'm not sure if that would be too much or not. It wouldn't necessarily have to be relevant, just there for kicks... and maybe fist pumps. I almost wish I could include "like" buttons next to certain pieces or just at the end so I could know what people like and don't. Wouldn't want my readers to be bored by my "super exciting" life would I? Although on second thought, this is less about my current life and more about my current thoughts. Perchance the two go hand in hand?

Boy, my mind is certainly running a mile a minute. But I'll sign off for now, in hopes that my decisions will arise post-slumber and become clear as to what would be best. For my Clemson friends, enjoy that day off we got tomorrow -- who would've thought that we would ever have the first day of school as a snow day??

Lyrics of the day:
---- if my heart was a house, you'd be home ----


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