Saturday, January 15, 2011

status: refresh .

A while back I wrote about how I was going to take my music in a different direction.

Well, the journey has begun.

I decided to call the project Status: Refresh. It kinda exemplifies the sort of "reboot" that I needed to kickstart a new musical experience. I already created a sort of album cover, not because I really think that I'm ever going to have an official album ever out, but more that I just like doing that sort of technical photoshopping and I like having album covers to put in my iTunes. I'm sorta anal about making sure all my songs have the correct artist and album listed, along with an album cover; weird, I know.
And thus this is the beginning of a new musical era for me. I'm going to try to kinda mess with a lot more electronic things and effects, get more into the mixing aspects of things and hopefully eventually pick up a keyboard.

I'm really excited for this and though I know I'll be super busy at school, we'll see how much I can fit in in between things. This also means that managing my time is absolutely imperative, and that's not going to be easy at all. But as long as I am committed to the project, I will hopefully be able to come out with some sweet stuff. There's already a song I did with my brother that I posted on my youtube channel, and though I don't really have any subscribers and not a lot of people follow me, it's still cool to know that something him and I worked on is finally out there and pretty much all finished up.

I think probably the biggest challenge will be actually committing to everything on a daily basis. Of course, there is always the money aspect too -- I really need to invest in some stuff if I'm serious about this -- which I am. So that's gonna take some time. But hey, it'll be worth it right?

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