Saturday, January 22, 2011

longboarding .

Talk about a thrill to be on wheels again. Riding a bike is fun, but when it's 30 degrees outside you can't help but freeze your fingers off unless you ride without hands, of course risking slamming into a catbus or the unsuspecting asian crossing the street. But that thrill of pushing and surfing your way down the pavement is a fantastic one.

Originally I had been planning on boarding Perimeter road with a friend when we got back from break, but snow, of all things prevented our doing so. In addition he wasn't feeling too well, so we have yet to embark on the adventure. But seriously, who would've thought.... SNOW in South Carolina? Certainly that has to be a freak accident. And yet there it was, only a day or 2 after everyone got back from break, and we started the school year by missing a day and a half.

But less about school, because I'd rather not talk about the most monotonous part of my days at Clemson. Luckily the Clemson area is blessed with hills, which, for a longboarder, is both a blessing and a curse. When I first stepped on to learn how, I was anxious for I vaguely remembered eating it time and time again when I was younger. I was so bad on a skateboard that I couldn't even roll over the little XFactor tabletop I had in my driveway. But wait -- this was a longboard. The thing people compared to surfing, to snowboarding. And so as I took my first push there was hope yet. This time I was smart and started immediately riding goofy (which is right foot forward, for those of you not up on the skate lingo) since that was the way I rode my snowboard. I never will figure out why my dominant foot is the one on the board and not pushing. If anything you would think it would be the opposite, and yet here I am. And that's just the way it feels right.

I wouldn't consider myself a good longboarder by any stretch of the imagination, but I can certainly get around and I can't wait until I get my own board (I currently use a friend's) to learn more and just in general get better.

Certainly, it makes going to class that much better.

Lyric of the day:
"And I have a red kite; I'll put you right in it. I'll show you the sky"

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