Friday, January 14, 2011

vanilla coke .

It was a drink I'd had a long long time ago, and had since forgotten about it. That smooth silky sensation, with a touch of vanilla, that carbonated rush, and of course that gassy bubbles settling in your stomach. All combine to form one wonderful amazing drink -- vanilla coke.

If you couldn't tell, this isn't going to be a very serious blog. If you're not into that sort of thing, you may just want to stop reading now and not waste your time, instead of listening to me sing my praises about a particular soda that has made a re-entrance into my life, and wow this is already sounding ridiculous.

It started out as a joke among the apartmates, as we discovered a one-of-a-kind Daytime Jeff, who at one time used to drink a vanilla coke in every single one of his videos, savoring the taste and proclaiming its greatness to the world while ranting about something else in the world.

So we used to joke about what we'd do if we actually found vanilla coke somewhere, and how we wanted to go and try it again. I had remember how I wasn't really of a fan of it back in the day -- and yet I had this burning desire for vanilla coke. I NEEDED to have it -- and soon. For the time being we took a trip to waffle house and were able to have coke with vanilla shots in it, but that wasn't quite the same taste that I was looking for; there was too much vanilla and not enough of everything else.

Now, I've always been a pepsi guy, at least when it comes to coke v. pepsi, but in this case, vanilla coke trumps all. Josh happened to be in Walmart one day when he magically drifted toward the aisle with all the pop in it and saw a 12 pack of vanilla coke. And thus the obsession with this extraordinary drink continues!

Naturally, we were all loving this. First, I mean, look at the can. It's gorgeous. The flowing graphics of the lines behind the logo mixed with a perfect harmony of various tints of red mesh together with both clarity and confusion, swirling about your mind. Then there is the playful font of "vanilla," which implores to take a taste.

And then, ohhhhh, then there is the taste. You take one sip and it's coke ... but as it sits in your mouth teasing your taste buds you get this kick of vanilla at the end. But it's not too much -- it's just absolutely perfect. You still have the coke taste in your mouth ... but vanilla is quite literally the icing on the cake. Just enough sweet to make you tingle with joy, but at the same time make you feel like you are literally drinking a dessert.

Basically, it's the perfect compliment to anything. I'm trying to cut back on sodas, but I might have to throw that goal out the window in order to enjoy my vanilla coke that is now happily chilling in the fridge. You may think I am being absolutely ridiculous -- and I most certainly am. But I'm not sure you quite understand. In fact, the tables have turneddd, and now YOU are the ridiculous for thinking that any drink but vanilla coke is the best there is around!

Of course, in the end it all comes down to opinion and what you like and don't like. But this cat is most certainly diggin' the rebirth of vanilla coke, after the coca-cola company decided to shut down its production for awhile. I happily await many years to come filled with sips of vanilla coke, whether with friends or by myself. Maybe I'll introduce the Spanish to vanilla coke when I go to Barcelona in the fall ...

Lyric of the day:
" And dear God, I found out the same things we learn when we die, I found out the truth is it's all a big lie, I find that the words are hard to describe, I tell you I'm lost here, awaiting reply "


  1. <33333 Vanilla coke....and I was just listening to that song yesterday

  2. love that song as well.
    and that just made my day. i can't believe you wrote a whole blog about vanilla coke.
    only youuuu.


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