Thursday, June 2, 2011

alive in the city .

I've told you all before that the more time I spend in the city, the more I like it. I'm not sure where I'll end up after college, but I think that I'd really like spending some time living somewhere near the city. And when I say the city, I mean the city. Ya know, the Big Apple. The capital of the world. New York City. But I don't think Manhattan is for me... there's a point where it's too busy. I need a good separation.. just like I like a bit of time between home and work, or my apt and school, to clear your head after the day. I suppose the alternative to the busy life is northern Manhattan... but I'd rather not live in Harlem, thanks. My skin color might get me shot... (not trying to be racist at all I promise...)

I was thinking Brooklyn. The Bronx isn't a good area, Queens I really don't know at all.. I can't stand the accents in Staten Island, so that really leaves Brooklyn. It's got a great view of lower Manhattan, and plus, if I worked in Manhattan I'd get to cross that magnificent bridge all the time.

There's just something that really draws me to all that goes on there. The roar of the subways, and the chatter of people. Just the noise is neat to listen to. But I'm not sure how I'd fare trying to get to sleep... usually I need a very peculiar combination of things in order to let me slip into slumber.

My sister currently lives in downtown Philly, and is moving further downtown tomorrow, actually. Is it worth all the money? Apartments seem SO expensive there... living in Brooklyn would be the perfect alternative to Manhattan. I could work there, and then come home and just live at a bit slower pace, sit in a nice coffee shop, something like that.

Of course, then I am always torn between that life and one where I'm lost in nature, living in the mountains, or a valley in a small town. Maybe one is for my working life and one is meant for retirement. You can probably put two and two together which would end up for which...

I know so many people that want to live in New York City and love it dearly, but just don't have the money. May their dreams one day become a reality... everyone should get a chance to truly spend time there and soak it all in. If they choose to, of course.

In the end, I'm not sure where I'll end up. Really, it's probably going to end up wherever I can find a job. But I really have almost 4 years to sort that out... I just want to experience as much as I can so I know where I want to live. I'm really hoping to maybe take a summer studio course in the city so I can just breathe it all in while I can. I like that it just seems alive. And that is all. If you ever get the chance to go visit... do it. Especially if you never have before. I'd be happy to take you around!


  1. one day, you will be my tour guide!

  2. I used to be so scared of New York. I still feel totally clueless there - the subway system is WAY more confusing than here, and for some reason it feels way more massive, as well as less safe, than Philly. Of course my familiarity with Philly probably tempers many possible fears here.

    However... I would like to be at least more knowledgeable about it - so I would feel like I could get around a little bit if I wanted to visit people there or go to dances there. (I can't help but assume a smartphone would mitigate the fears of navigating...)

    Maybe we should go together sometime. (If you do end up living there, I'll definitely want to visit... and request a couch to sleep on sometimes..)


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