Saturday, June 25, 2011

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There are a heck of a lot of stressful jobs out there. The interesting thing about all of them, though, is that they generally make a lot of money. However, if you're not a lawyer or a doctor or some sort of FBI or CIA agent, well then there is always the server. Whether it's at a restaurant, or in this particular case at a country club, it's a high-stress job that isn't exactly financially rewarding. You end up giving up almost every single weekend which means that the most prevalent friends come from your job -- because you are forced to. There's no one else to hang out with at all those ridiculous hours that you are finally getting out of work.

I was there; I bussed for a bit. I've moved around though, from different jobs in the same department to different departments entirely. Perhaps it's one of the only reasons I've survived the deathly 'revolving door' of Trump National. It seems like every time you come back there is a new staff of servers. For various reasons, they all leave.

You can read the stress on people. It's insane -- they look tired and exhausted, and constantly the complaints come. Luckily, I've lasted long enough to see the ins and outs of the place, more or less. There are indeed people who just want to quit. And I understand that -- but I'm not one who gives up easily. It's just not my style. I'm going to see it through in the end. Unfortunately I've been unable to find any other jobs that relate to my field. I'm getting more and more worried about not having a job when I finish school. Hopefully, that worry will continue to drive me to strive to do better and to work my very hardest in school. Some may say college is the time to party and have the time of your life -- for me, it's what will hopefully set me up for the rest of my life. Getting the best grades and doing the most impressive work is crucial to being able to kickstart a decent career.

But anyways, back to work. There are a great many people that smoke there -- I mean seriously smoke, cigarettes, all the time. A lot of them go out and drink and get trashed regularly too. Some may say it's all in good fun -- I think that it's an escape route of the job that none of them want to be at. Even the people who are pretty much permanent employees seem to hate their jobs, and want nothing more than to escape from their captivity. Whether it's just needing something to pay the bills, or not being able to find something else, or not having the skills for something else, I'm sure that it's there.

I really feel for these people -- I wish that they were happy, that they could find something they truly loved to do. At this point, I suppose the only thing to do is pray.

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