Sunday, June 26, 2011

waving flag .

While at work yesterday I went out to check the flag to make sure all was right in terms of position and non-tangled-ness etc. etc. By that time, which was later in the day, there were barely any golfers out on the course and the giant pole with the larger-than-life flag fluttered proudly in the wind. It was silent, with the exception of the flapping that inherently comes with the wind across the fields.

The flag, in objectivity, is simply a flag. Pieces of cloth, sewn together in some sort of design, with colors that most likely complement each other. In its simplest form, the flag is nothing more than the matter that is all around us. But it's not just about what it is, so much as what it means. It is the symbol of our country, and more importantly, the symbol of our freedom.

There are symbols all over our country -- beginning with the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the former Twin Towers, the Sears Tower, the Seattle Space Needle, the Golden Gate Bridge; you get the idea. But our flag is one of the simplest ones out there -- it can be found almost anywhere and everywhere, and it's so easy to get too.

Within recent year with all of the war and terrorism existing in this world, I think that American patriotism has definitely been more prevalent. It's a nice thing to see, and really nice to see all of these people posting proudly the nationality that they are.

But while I stood looking at that flag flapping in the wind, it became much more than a flag. It was the same feeling that I get when I have a chance to really sit and just bathe in the essence of the Statue of Liberty. It suddenly meant so much more to me -- and while we all come from different backgrounds and nationalities, perhaps it is this flag that brings us all together. It's about the red white and blue -- and even those specific colors were chosen to represent specific things. Closing my eyes and listening to the erratic slaps of the wind, I've decided that I kinda want to have a big deal flag in my yard somewhere. At Trump, you can see the huge flag from the main road of route 34, despite an entire treeline and entrance drive. All I can say is, gotta love this country man. God bless America.

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  1. If there's one thing Trump does right, it's big ass flags.


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