Saturday, June 18, 2011

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With the number of career choices that are out there, it's pretty unbelievable that anyone can really make a true decision on what they want to do with the rest of their lives. For me, it always seemed pretty easy -- I always have loved building things. It was never as much fun having the 'thing' once it was built, it was the building it that was fun. Even more exciting was completely ignoring whatever instructions came with your building set and just putting together things however you wanted. Part of the challenge was making it all work.

Until recently, I pretty much was 100% sure that architecture was the correct career path for me. It fits, it hopefully pays well, and allows me to expand in both creative and pragmatic ways. But lately with all of this blog writing and just writing in general, poems, lyrics, etc, I've wondered about a career in writing. I don't think that a simple notion would ever be enough to completely change all that I've worked for thus far, especially at such a critical stage in my architectural beginnings, where I am about to study abroad in Spain for a semester.

Despondence of a poor choice is hardly the correct attitude here. In fact, I should feel blessed that I have been given talents in different areas. I don't intend to brag, and I truly take comments upon this blog and other things of my writing with the utmost humility -- but I've had a lot of people say that not only is it interesting, but well-written. I certainly appreciate the compliments and helpful encouragement. I really do my best to put a fair amount of effort into things.

For some people, they want to write just to write. They want to be concise, and occasionally witty. People like that work for newspapers. Some write little comics or jokes. Others take a bit more winding route through a work and write novels of either fiction or non-fiction. The thing is, there really are a ton of opportunities in that field. And while they may not pay super well, it would be a neat thing to sort of do on the side. How sweet would it be to walk into Barnes & Noble and see a book that you wrote on the shelves? Wicked.

And thus recently I was inspired to write -- but not just to sort of write about the chaotic and erratic thoughts floating around in my head. I've always liked fiction, but perhaps truth-based fiction. I've sorta really felt some sort of pull to write a book. About what, I have no idea. But here's where I'd like your help (for whoever actually reads this...) Throw some topics at me, or character ideas, or any comments or ideas, if you feel so inclined. I'm just brainstorming I guess. What I might end up doing is just writing what I know -- a life similar to mine. Perhaps it would be better to start with short stories. Either way, it's a fun hobby that I really don't want to give up anytime soon.

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