Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Monday #23

The song name is Your Way, and the artist is Xu Xu Fang. In a way I sort of stumbled upon this... but it's a great find. I have yet to find whether or not Xu Xu Fang's other stuff is any good.

The first thing that initially got me loving this song were the simple soft chords at the beginning. They approach you with a sort of melancholy sound, like something that might play as a backing track to some sort of time lapse. Once the kicks and beats came in, I loved it. They definitely took me by surprise, as I thought the song was going in a completely different direction. I love songs that do that. Also, the chord progression was a really unexpected one -- you weren't sitting there singing along the first time you heard it. That sort of thing is just really unique.

I know this all sounds like a very detailed analytical explanation that is enriched with the technicalities of music, but that's just the stuff that came to mind when I heard it.

As always, enjoy!

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