Saturday, June 25, 2011

juxtapositions .

This one is for you, you who affected me so much and whom I poured so much into. You who I would've gave the world for, but you still left me hanging up to dry. I gave it my all and yet I'm not sure that you did.

I'm left wondering. I wonder if you still think about it.
I sit here and think, but you probably just live your life.
I remember, but you've probably forgotten.
I do my best to change, but you've probably stayed the same.
I miss what could've been sometimes, but do you even recall what was there?
This is short, but it still haunts me sometime.
Do you even still read the words I write? You used to. But maybe you've forgotten.
Maybe you've just left the past in the past.

It's what I should do too, but sometimes, sometimes I just don't want to.

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