Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Music Monday #22

This week my song is For the First Time by The Script -- it's been stuck in my head almost everyday and it pretty much makes my day when I happen to hear it on the radio. Normally I don't include the music videos in this, so that you guys don't get stuck watching ads before them (stupid Vevo...) but this time I feel compelled to post it given that it's a really good video in my opinion.

There are so many lines in this song that are true -- like 'trying to make it work but man these times are hard.' It's really kind of a love song in some ways, and in the video, the guy gives up everything he has in New York to take the girl back home to Dublin where she wants to be. I think that it really exemplifies the kind of sacrifice that people should be willing to give if they are really in love. For me, it provides hope that there is something like that out there for me.

Mix that all with the fact that they have that sweet Irish twinge to their voices, and a great vocal range -- and you've got yourself a great song. I'll definitely be following The Script more as they produce more music.

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