Monday, June 6, 2011

interesting .

There was something about when we met that struck a chord with me. For the sake of you, me, and the everyone, I can't disclose who you are... But there was just something that was there. I haven't the faintest idea of where it even came from, but one thing is true -- you weren't anything that I expected.

We only scraped the surface. Do we really count as friends? You would say hi when you didn't have to. We talked about more than we had to.. The conversations were real. Right? At least I thought they were. Maybe I gave you an opportunity to be someone different. Maybe you did the same for me. But maybe in a lot of ways our worlds conflicted in a way that we couldn't understand.

In the beginning, I just wanted to know you. Through some wild turn of events we were introduced. I was my usual nervous self... and you with your seeming apathy, sole purpose being to just get everything done on time, and in good form.  But something always told me there was more -- because this was too much like insanity to actually be coincidence. I never took the risk that maybe I should have. Although I did try a little bit.

Sometimes talking with you felt really awkward... other times, it seemed to just flow out and the words fit into their corresponding spaces in the air as the sounds softly floated out your mouth and into my ears. Even just a smile, and you had me frozen. You didn't know either, and maybe that was a large part of the fun in it. You still don't know, and honestly, you probably never will.

The thing is, you were interesting. And before I close a chapter of one of the paths of life, I might just leave it ajar, and make sure to plug the night light in. Time can only tell if a good friendship can be rekindled and blossom from there. Regardless, my best wishes are with you as you continue through life, and I hope that one day we will cross paths again -- and perhaps things might be a bit different that time. Until then, I continue to sweep things under the rug and just hold it all inside.

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