Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cara Salimando .

New music comin' your way folks. A friend of mine asked me if I knew of any new music while we were sitting in the library, following it up with the fact that he loves new music and hearing new stuff. I of course remembered a few different people, but had forgotten Cara Salimando's name and couldn't for the life of me remember it. I had found her a long time ago, but I guess never tagged the video on Youtube so I couldn't find it anymore. However, I finally did remember it and was once again blown away by the quality and caliber of her talent -- vocally, musically, etc. etc. When you listen to these songs there's no way you'd expect that the voice behind it all is a 20 year old (I think that's the accurate age anyways). Her voice is so different from so many young ladies who take up singing and the music scene. Not to mention she's a pro at the piano and the guitar as well. Talk about a renaissance man -- er, woman.

Now, this post is in part to help her out and give her some well-deserved publicity. With a voice and style that rivals that of Regina Spektor, this girl deserves some attention. Here's where you come in blog friends! Give her stuff a listen here: click to listen! If you fancy it, please do me (and more importantly her) a favor and spread it around -- show your friends, send an email, tweet it, post it on Facebook. Every little bit helps and for a musician, word of mouth is a great way to spread music.

I was and am truly impressed by this girl and plan to continue to follow her closely in the future to make sure I don't miss anything! Bravo, Cara!

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