Sunday, May 5, 2013

What is Clemson?

Lots of incoming students want you to describe what Clemson is. They want you to tell the ins and the outs, and say what you love most, and what you think could be better. I sent an email to the President of my university the other day, thanking him for what a great job he has done over the past four years (and even far before that), and of course thanking him for his involvement in my Presidential Seminar class, an interdisciplinary course that he created.

He responded with the utmost humility and gratitude, wishing me well in Oregon, and finished up his response with the words "Make us proud." Damn, will that ring in my head for years to come.

What is Clemson? I'll tell you.

Clemson is a family.
Clemson is a small school, that houses thousands of students.
Clemson is the most beautiful place on Earth.
Clemson is the home of Death Valley, and a place where 80,000 people come together to root for a football team.
Clemson is a place where you can walk into a bar not knowing anyone, and come out with fifty close friends.
Clemson is a place where orange runs in the blood of those who inhabit it, and which sneaks its way into the hearts of those who visit.
Clemson is not just a house, but it is a home.
Clemson is a place where the people relish in the expansive fields, beautiful blossoming trees, and the pond-side benches.
Clemson is a great place to eat -- whether it's in the not-so-great dining hall, or someplace deliciously fattening like Chick Fil A.
Clemson is a place to learn, to study, explore relationships, broaden horizons, get in shape, and make life-long friends.
Clemson was my home -- and will always have a place in my heart for the rest of my life. It was the first step of my being truly independent. It educated me more in my field than any other place. It challenged me and encouraged me. It accepted who I was and what I was about despite my being from the North. It pushed me to perform, to do my best, and to strive for excellence. It embraced, forgave me, instilled spirit in me, and finally, allowed me to grow, and succeed, and move on to better things. I appreciate every moment I've had the privilege of spending here. What is Clemson?

Only the perfect place to spend four years of school.

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  1. This is so awesome, Greg! Really. Your 4 years will forever be remembered. Higher education does only good things. Your president sounds like a great leader.


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