Friday, May 17, 2013

Recognition Series: pt. 5 - Jordan A

Jordan and I actually lived on opposite sides of campus freshman year, which means that we really had no business running into each other whatsoever. We ate at different dining halls, had completely different classes, and spent our free time differently too. However we had one common interest -- ultimate. The epitome of college sport. For whatever reason, we both decided to go play with the club team. It was what they called Fall Season, which is free and open to all who want to play.

Little did we know we were signing ourselves up for drills, practice of specific plays, and of course, conditioning. Let's just say we never really looked forward to that part. Long story short Jordan and I ended up on the same team, as there were four or five to play amongst each other. We would scrimmage, and I remember my "coach" always saying, "Okay, guys, how can we have more fun!"

Just because we had seen each other, recognized each other and knew that we were both freshmen, we often ended up warming up with one another before practices and such.

Interestingly enough, it was not frisbee that brought us closer together, but rather Central Spirit. We had seen each other at frisbee and knew each other and therefore bonded more using frisbee as a base. Jordan even joined our crew of guys that would paint up all the time for various sporting events. Those were some crazy times -- painting up in the student union for basketball in the winter because it was so cold outside, then running all the way across campus to the game because we were going to be late.

By sophomore year, Jordan became my roommate and despite junior year (living situations changed temporarily because of my study abroad in Barcelona) we lived together until we graduated. The inside jokes, side conversations during friend hangouts, bonfires, life talks, smoking a cigar the wrong way accidentally, pre-gaming friend get-togethers when no one else was drinking, bonfires in the backyard, and of course silly texts to make sure I'm not dead in studio.

Jordan's been a hell of a pal, and though he was contemplating graduate school this summer at least he'll be working for the DC United soccer team in Washington D.C. I hope very much to keep in touch.


  1. The fact that I'm just now reading this shows how out of the blogger game I've been recently. Lest we forget you were sporting the remains of a blue mohawk when I first met you! Certainly made you easy to pick out at that CS meeting post-frisbee haha. Painting up with you and Willy was a big turning point for my freshmen year, I feel. Between you and Chris/Dukes/Justin/Donald I actually made some guy friends and tore away from the clingy freshmen I was becoming around the girl I was talking to. And of course, pasting on the white paint around my eyes is something you will never let me live down, along with: the wrong-end-cigarillo fiasco, going to bed first consistently "early" at midnight-1AM, going downtown and being safe out there, and sitting on Skyrim whenever you got home...

    1. Couldn't help but chuckle at all those memories. What a great four years we had! Definitely will have to get together again at some point over the next year!


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