Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recognition Series: pt. 18 - Haley N, Greg S, Nick K, Katy L, Brandon B

Though they are all grouped together each of these people have affected me in college, and each have some fun little anecdotes for me to share.

I first met Haley at a midnight breakfast. Basically this is usually around or during finals week, and the dining halls open at midnight and go until 2am or something like that, serving breakfast-y items like pancakes and the like. Maggie also happened to be at this event, which was where my roommates and I got the invite from. At the time we didn't know Haley but got introduced. However, Haley must have had something she really needed to attend to, because she kept telling Maggie "We gotta go!" From that point on she was known as 'We-gotta-go-girl' (a name she didn't take too kindly to, but still laughed with us about). Since she spent a lot of time with Maggie we got to know her as well and I must say she is an extremely kind and genuine person. You'll always have a good time with Haley.

Greg was one of my roommates for a semester junior year, the semester after I was in Barcelona. We didn't know each other at all upon moving in, but as it turned out he was in the grad program from architecture and really was an all-around friendly guy. He had some great wisdom, gained over the years and really was close in his faith and I had many life talks with him. I admire him very much, respect him endlessly, and hope that he is finding success and joy in the architectural work he has undertaken in Charleston, SC (I think...). He deserves the absolute best. I'll never forget walking in to see him lounging on the couch, watching repeated episodes of Frasier (his favorite show). A movie fanatic, Greg saw pretty much every movie when it came out in theaters, and even though it's just watching movies it was cool to see someone engulf themselves in a hobby with such fervor. I'm sure that he's doing amazing things, and maybe someday we'll get to work together.

I met Nick through a t-shirt sale I did of a kid in our year who became somewhat of a local celebrity. After convincing the kid to let me put out a t-shirt with his face on it to raise money for Haiti, Nick and I met while I was selling and he would often plop down next to me to keep me company, whether I was waiting for money or waiting for people to pick up their shirts. The time together became known as gingerpaloozing, and it happened often. He helped me out a lot, letting me do laundry at his apartment where it was free, spotting me for meals when needed. We used to run together and ran the Cooper River Bridge Run together also. I'll never forget, though, the night the two of us decided we were going to just get drunk even if there was no party to go to. We bought Four Loko which was already a bad idea, but we did anyway, and that night I bowled a 299 on Wii Bowling while sitting on the floor drunk!

I met Katy through Nick, as they were both in Tiger Band together. The occasion was actually breakfast for dinner, and Katy was cooking pancakes on the griddle. As such, she became instantly known as Mom, and still to this day is in my phone as "Mom" (which is such an honor, really, because even my actual mom is not named "mom" in my phone). Over the years we didn't get together too much but we'd always make it a point to say hello, and she'd have these goofy mannerisms that you couldn't help but smile at. She was always happy to say hi, and give you a big hug, as good moms should. We now continue our shenanigans via Twitter, and though she's working at Subway now, she's going to make it big one day, I just know it.

Finally, Brandon B, aka Bags. I initially met Bags early on in my college career through playing volleyball, but never really knew him too well. As it turns out, we had a mutual friend that was a good friend of both of ours, and we all ended up eating lunch together senior year. Though Bags is extremely athletic, he is far from the typical douchebag jock. Never have a seen a guy so aware of the language he uses, nor with the modesty and humility that he exudes every day. He is so into his faith and religion and always remember to thank people and thank God for the life he lives everyday. Him and I got into the routine of shooting hoops before I lifted at the gym with Kendall, and that time was really good for me. Not only did it warm me up, but we also got to chat and he would never make fun of how terrible I am at basketball. Bags is in the Air Force and has another year at school, but I know he'll be flying high (pun intended) upon graduation. I'm so proud of him, and his parents should be incredibly proud of the fine young man they have raised. I'll be praying for you when you're up there protecting our skies buddy.


  1. I've been reading your recognition series, and have really been enjoying it. Sorry for the lack of comments, but I have just been having a great time sitting back and experiencing your college years through the different relationships you have had. This is great.

    1. Glad to hear that. I've actually had a great time rethinking all the stories and stuff!


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