Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moving & Packing .

I think that a lot of people like seeing new places, moving new places, taking vacations, moving around and taking in all the experiences that come with that. I think we all agree, though, that packing (and more importantly unpacking) is probably the worst possible thing ever. Wouldn't life just be so much easier if we could just automatically have the things we needed teleported to wherever we were going?!

That being said I started packing my stuff up this week since I'm moving out on Saturday. It's been going -- well to be perfectly honest it hasn't really been going much at all. I've got pretty much all my clothes packed up, and just about everything off my desk, but I'm still pretty far from done. However, I did realize that I actually have a lot less stuff to pack up than I thought. As it turns out I really did bring a ton of stuff home this past winter break.

My family is rolling into town tomorrow, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited, which is interesting because I can't really remember the last time that happened. I think as you get older, you just sort of appreciate everything a little bit more, understand the difficult challenge of being a parent, and you just want to share your life a little bit more and share some experiences a little bit more. Couple that with the excitement of imminent graduation (and yes, I am totally and entirely done with all the work that I have to do with that, which in and of itself is thrilling), and you get yourself one happy camper.

On one quick side note, I've been seeing a few people that aren't really continuing their blogs anymore, and I just want to address that. First of all, it has been a true pleasure being a part of your lives, and reading all that you have to say and being able to jump inside your head and just read all the thoughts on the walls there. I hope to somehow keep in touch (if that's possible?) and that your life brings you all the joy that it can, despite being blog-less!!

I totally understand that at some point people just need a change in their lives, and this change is a good one. And as heartbreaking as it is to all the faithful readers, at the end of the day you gotta do what is right for you! Best of luck!


  1. so true! couldn't be more agree. but one thing i discovered about packing is that it helps you to declutter. when i started packing i was shocked by the amount of things (and thrash) i had.

    1. most definitely i always use it to clean out everything!!

  2. Packing is the most stressful task I've ever done in my entire life. You'll have to organize everything and place each item in its desired boxes.


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