Friday, May 17, 2013

Recognition Series: pt. 6 - Josh V

At the end of freshman year, myself and two other guys had decided we were going to live together the following year. However, campus doesn't have three-person apartments, and so we needed a fourth. One of the guys' friends turned out to also be looking for a place to live, and had lived on that one friend's hall already. I only had the chance to meet him once before we all moved in sophomore year, and so I was curious to see how that turned out.

Yet here I am, and today I'd consider Josh one of my best friends from college. Him and I would often go out on our porch sophomore year (which was actually more of a bridge between two buildings), sit on the ground and just drink with a cigar in hand and talk about life for hours. Starting at night and lasting often far into the wee hours of the morning, we affectionately dubbed the time "Life Talks with Josh." At the time I had been struggling with relationship stuff, and I think that's how the talks all started.

Pretty cool to think that the person who I started off knowing the least probably turned out to be the person I knew the most by the end of the year. I also lived with Josh this past year at the lake house, and will never forget the little Joshisms that make Josh, Josh. These include but are not limited to "Dude man, fuck.", an obsession with trail mix, saying he was going to bed soon and playing Call of Duty until 5am, and other goofy things.

Josh actually came home with me for a spring break one time during sophomore year, and that was pretty cool. We did stuff like eat at Jersey diners, visit New York City (the first time he'd ever been), eat waffle sundaes at the Apollo, and of course hit up the legendary convenience store Wawa. Down in South Carolina, many a time was spent with Josh and Jordan (from yesterday's post) at Cook Out, or on some other silly late night excursion.

Next year, Josh will be going to medical school at MUSC. And after that? Who knows. All I can say is he's going to make a hell of a doctor one day.

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