Thursday, May 16, 2013

Recognition Series: pt. 3 - Erin M

Erin and I met under the strangest of circumstances. I had painted up like a tiger for one of the first few football games at Clemson -- this means face, arms, body etc. Only thing I didn't paint was my legs -- but as it turns out I had colored some orange jeans with sharpie to look like stripes.

Believe it or not... I even have a picture.

Which would eventually, in the coming weeks, escalate to something like this:

So anyways there I was at that first football game, painted up, and these two random girls asked if they could take a picture with me. Of course I obliged. Awhile later (days? weeks?) I commented on a post of a very well known kid on campus (just about campus-celebrity status) and they happened to see my profile picture, which was a picture of me painted up. They had been wanting to find out who I really was, and boom the answer was now sitting in front of them. They both added me on Facebook (back when I had a Facebook) and I ended up chatting with them a good bit.

Long story short, Erin and I became quite close friends. She had some terrible things happen to her that forced her to leave school, but she was always pretty optimistic about it, though sometimes I think things would get to her. I missed having her around for the rest of that semester (that was sophomore year).

I can't remember exactly but I think we had a few arguments when she did show up back in Tiger Town. Whatever it was, we ended up drifting apart. With different friend circles and different interests, not to mention me not really making much effort to stay in touch, we were solidly on different paths.

Even now, though I'll wave hello, we just don't hang out like we used to. Not sure when I will see her again, if ever. I will always admire Erin's ability to comfort people. Here she is, a twenty year old who is perfectly capable of playing Mom for her roommates -- even if that means sacrificing "me" time or doing something else. She rarely complains, if at all about it, too. It's just a fact of life and she is determined to help no matter what the situation. I hope one day that she can find the comfort in someone that she seems to gain joy and happiness from daily.


  1. Look at you!!!! Amazing! And you look so much younger too. No doubt people wanted to connect with you...

  2. Yeah...even through all that make-up, you look younger ;-)


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