Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recognition Series .

A while back I mentioned that I wanted to take a moment and recognize all these different people that affected me in college, and really affected me as a person and had an influence on the person I have become today. I decided (after a few suggestions) that these people will be broken up into individuals or groups of individuals, over a series that will run indefinitely (basically until I finish).

This is not only a way to publicly recognize these people for the great individuals that they are, but also a way for me to look back and remember all that they've done to get me to where I am today in life. I'm going to try to be as thorough as possible and really make sure that everyone gets credit where credit is due! I pray that I don't forget anyone, but hopefully I won't. I hope that you guys enjoy getting to know some of the people that really had a vast impact on me! Stay tuned over the coming days!

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