Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friendly Neighbors .

During the entire time that I've lived in this house (almost 9 full months at this point) I've only met a very select few neighbors that live across from and adjacent to us. One guy, Tony, who lives a few doors down from us, has graciously been mowing our lawn whenever needed since August, which has been a total lifesaver because we don't have a mower, and almost definitely don't have the money needed to get it landscaped.

What a difference it makes to just have friendly neighbors around all the time (and it makes it that much more important that you are a friendly and outgoing one yourself, too). Whenever the people across from me are outside if I'm going out or coming home, I always get a wave from them. I made a point to make them cookies before I left for Christmas, so we chatted a bit then, but it's a shame we didn't get to know them better.

According to my roommate, Tony has a lot of great stories and is real easy to talk to. He lives alone in a trailer on the lake, with the exception of his Boxer dog Rascal (who is honestly such a gem!), and I'm sure sometimes he'd just like some company. I think he's separated or divorced from a previous wife, because he does have a son who comes over quite a bit, whether to just go out on their boat, or fish for awhile, or water ski. It seems, though, that he really enjoys life and is so laid back and relaxed. I wish I could embrace that kind of attitude long term, through whatever challenges life throws at me.

Also, I think that I might make more of an effort to meet the people I live near once I move. It goes both ways, like many things -- the people moving in should make an effort to branch out, and the people who are already living there should go and at least introduce themselves. It makes for a more homey environment, and makes them feel like they are a part of the community.

That's how I feel, here, despite not knowing people too well. It's just our little dead end street, with about 10 houses on it, spattered among the woods and with great views of the lake. The little waves, knowing that anyone who drives by on the road must live there, because otherwise what's the point; it all makes for a really peaceful experience. Despite my excitement regarding moving to a city environment, I think I will miss the quiet nights where you only hear the crickets and the wind.

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  1. this story you wrote for us is a great reminder. when i was a kid i remember that i knew everyone in the neighbourhood. every one. the older i got, the less i knew about my neighbours. i think that's a shame, especially in a big city, people isolate themselves from the nearest persons, which is their neighbour. right now, i try to be more social with the neighbourhood i'm in, which is quiet a challenge since i'm a nomad for now. great story, Greg! love it


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