Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recognition Series: pt. 19 - Maggie P

It was my sophomore year, and I was a director of Central Spirit, in the webpage position. For whatever silly reason, I had volunteered to go and sit at a swim meet and take the sign in sheet for our members so that we knew who attended that day, and who gained points for going. As boring as the swim meets were, had it not been for this swim meet, I never would have met Maggie.

As she walked in the aquatic center, she awkwardly looked around searching for fellow Central Spirit-ers and a person to sign in with. I noticed her and waved her over, though it's possible that she sat by herself by awhile before realizing I was there. Eventually, we met, and she of course got her credit for going to the meet.

The time from when we were mere acquaintances to good friends is virtually nonexistent in my head; it's like I've known Maggie for ages. We must have gotten along well really fast! We hung out at balloons, had some meals together, and that same year were already pretty good friends.

Then we started going to church together, along with Emily and Nick, and of course went to go get brunch afterwards. Who could forget the delicious Oreo pudding!? (even though they slacked on it pretty hard last year) Maggie is one of those people you can always count on to put you in a great mood. Her face lights up when she sees you and I don't think I've ever seen her upset, only happy and bright and smiley. What a great way to be, we could all learn from her and just be a little bit more positive in life.

Maggie is so thoughtful and caring, and even sent me a graduation card that was handmade. It made my day, and means the world to me that she did that without me saying anything, without me sending any letter first, nothing. Just completely of her own accord.

I am so thankful to have met such a wonderful positive addition to my life. I really think I was sort of steered to become friends with her by some sort of spiritual force, because of all the similarities we share. If you ever come across a bubbly and cheerful (and sometimes silly and crazy) girl in your travels, hold on to them because they'll most definitely enrich your life!

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