Saturday, May 11, 2013

We're All In This Together .

It seems like a lot of people are running into the challenge of breakups in recent months. Though the Youtube community is known for sharing their lives of seeming perfection, it's important to remember that those who entertain us daily are real people too. If you've never heard of Steve Greene, you're missing out on a bundle of laughs. But last week, he posted a more serious video. Under the guise of his series "Tough Talk with Steve Greene" (generally a program filled with goofy graphics and backhanded jokes) Steve admits that his girlfriend ended things with him. According to Steve, they had been together four years -- talk about a tough challenge to deal with.

I, like some others, was fooled at first into to thinking that the video might actually be a joke. I quickly realized my incorrect assumption when he started breaking down in the video. It's hard to watch people go through something like this. You're not sure what to say, because no words can really cure what they're feeling. You're not sure whether they want comfort or whether they want to be left alone.

In any case, Steve made some great points reminiscing about the time he had together, and for a guy who usually makes some pretty crass jokes, you can really see a completely honest and real side of him here. You can totally tell just how much he cared and still cares for this girl, and I truly wish him the best in his recovery. It seems as though he is already off to a great start, staying positive, and remembering to heal with the one thing he's great at already -- laughter. He'll be in my prayers in the coming weeks.

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