Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Recognition Series: pt. 1 - Kevin K

Going to college is a nerve-racking experience. You're not sure what classes will be like, how hard exams will be, if you'll be able to get the grades you want, if you'll have time for fun-tivities, or if you'll have good roommates. Luckily for me, I was able to choose my freshman year roommate, and I ended up living with a friend from high school. Easy enough, right?

As it turned out, there were a lot more incoming students accepting offers than Clemson had expected, and as a result they had a massive overflow problem. Kids were (I kid you not) even put in repurposed closets as living spaces. Kevin and I ended up in a four person apartment, as opposed to the two person dorm we were expecting. As sweet as it was to have an apartment, with our own bathroom, our own living room and even a kitchen, we knew that this also meant two unknown roommates.

Throughout my whole freshman year, Kevin was a person I could chat with classes about, eat lunch and dinner with all the time, and complain when our roommates didn't clean, or when the oaf who lived nearby named Marcus came by (a loud and boisterous kid whose muscles must have taken over and eliminated his brain). Lunch was always at Schilletter to get what we affectionately called Schillalads and Schlundaes (salads and sundaes). We ate the salads in plowls, you know, those weird dishes that look like half plate half bowl? We decided Clemson House would be a better alternative for dinner rather than Schilletter, since half of campus decided it wanted to eat at 6pm. Thus we'd always make the trek up the hill to C-House, even on the super rainy days.

Though we were in totally different majors (biology v. architecture), held different interests (band v. athletics) and of course had different schedules, we remained close friends through the year, and throughout the entirety of my college career. We shared many laughs, experienced some weird things (like people calling me Red-Shoes, or eating lunch with a random girl neither of us knew, but thought the other did), and made it through the hapless partying of our other two roommates.

I happened to run into Kevin while out for dinner the night of my graduation a few days ago, and even though we drifted apart over the years and created our own friend circles, Kevin was a great first kid to live with and I really appreciated the little support group we had going for each other. Whether it was studying, complaining, meals, or just company, Kevin was always there for me. As far as I know, Kevin's plans are to head to medical school in the near future. But hey, if I end up ever having health problems, I'll know who to call, right?

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