Friday, May 24, 2013

Recognition Series: pt. 13 - Brindley F

I met Brindley through my buddy Michael who I often played volleyball with. If I remember correctly we were out on Bowman, peppering with a volleyball and she joined in. The details are extremely fuzzy, but I remember that we grew pretty close and I definitely considered us good friends. Brindley is probably the coolest girl you could ever meet. She longboarded, played guitar, was into her church, loved her family endlessly and could hang out with all the guys even if she was the only girl.

During freshman year I seem to remember going on "adventures" as she would call them, doing silly things like climbing trees to see if we could see into the President's yard, or touch these flags that someone had tied to the top of the tree as if it was Mt. Everest or something. Every minute spent with her was something new and exciting; every adventure was different from the last.

Being a graphic comm major she often came and worked with us while we were in studio sophomore year. After all, that year we pretty much never left. The best moment I had with her was during one of these times. Sophomore year the grad students built this structure in the courtyard of Lee Hall that was designed to be a stage of some sort. It was awesome, which several levels and a little balcony thing on top. It's not like you could fold this thing up and put it away, so basically I'd go up there and just look at the stars. Brindley joined me one night and we talked about life, gazing up at the stars with a black and mild in hand. Man did I relish that experience. It's very seldom that I find someone who is that easy to talk to.

The adventures continued, and Brindley even organized a "prom" (sort of as a joke, but sort of serious, even) and we got 12 or so people to get all decked out, take goofy pictures, and then go into the dining hall in our suits and dresses. As I said, always a new adventure.

I'm not sure what happened after the year I met here, because we really seemed to lose touch. If I'm being honest I kind of always had a thing for her, but it just never seemed like it would work and she was always taken by someone else (lucky them haha). She got into some modeling (and the result was incredible) and eventually joined a sorority, but I have a feeling regardless of those types of things that might make air go to a person's head, that she remained the same awesome, independent Brindley as before.

I've missed her company dearly, but I wish her all the best in the future, and maybe one day if the Fates have it in them, our paths will cross again.

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