Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Doing Things Different .

Today was Senior Walk, a day where all the bars downtown offer discounts for those graduating. It's pretty much a day-long affair, starting at noon and going until 2am tonight. For me, though, college has never been about the parties, the drinking, or the sloppy social scene. And so, despite the temptations of drinking all day, I headed to campus to sort out my ePortfolio (a load of crap that we, for some reason, need to graduate), and then came home, chatted with a friend online, went on a bike ride, and have been inside since. I cooked myself some dinner, worked for my boss for a few hours, and now I'm blogging, working on the second annual blog book edition, and watching a movie on Netflix. Despite the fact the house has been empty save for my presence since about 1pm, I've been quite comfortable. It's interesting that it seems so easy to just be on my own, you know?

For some people, today's schedule might drive them nuts. Practically no social interaction. No going out. They might even feel like they missed out on one of the staples of senior year. And yet, I've always been cool being on my own, always been cool entertaining myself, always been cool with creating my own schedules and agendas. It's the calmer, quieter, more subtle things in life that I truly enjoy. And while I do enjoy a night out, a blaring concert, I'd just as much prefer a book in a comfy chair at home.

Why? I do things different. I have a tendency to think different... and often times to over-think, re-think, and analyze. And I like that, it's actually one of my favorite things about me. It's even one of the main reasons why I blog and write. Not really sure how to continue this, but, hope all of you out there are enjoying your respective nights, whatever activities you may have planned!

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