Friday, May 10, 2013

What if ... ?

What if we lived in a world where my generation wasn't continually screwing up?
What if the celebrities that people were looking up to were helping their communities instead of earning DUI's, arrests, and jail time?
What if 9.11 was simply a date in September?
What if there wasn't so much hatred toward the middle east, and toward the countries that we are warring with daily?
Better yet, what if there was no war over oil and terrorism?
What if terrorism didn't exist?
What if no one judged by the color of your skin, the orientation of your sexuality, the denomination of your religion, the amount of your wealth, the number of tattoos or piercings you had, or your assumed popularity status?
What if it didn't take an attack on our country or a natural disaster to be able to pull together?
What if you could wake up every morning, only feeling love and joy, instead of a bunch of other terrible emotions mixed in?
What if you could go through life unafraid, taking risks and seizing opportunities just because you could?
What if wishing you could do something would truly motivate you endlessly until you got there?
What if finding the love of your life, your soulmate, was easy?
What if life didn't throw you curveballs that screwed up your plans?
What if the cost of living wasn't inflating so much?
What if the job market was great and there were never any recessions?
What if phones and Skype could teleport you places to those that you loved?
What if death didn't mean grieving, sadness and loss?
What if institutions weren't tainted by reports of sexual abuse, harassment, and embezzlement?

What if, instead of saying "what if", we just worked on all those things... accepting challenges and curveballs, and bettering ourselves as a person?

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