Friday, May 27, 2011

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Through watching lots of TV over the past few days one thing jumped out at me. It's so easy to fall in love with a character on a specific show. This is especially true if that's the only show or movie that you've ever seen that particular person in.... also helps if they're easy on the eyes too. Ever thought about what it would be like to actually meet that person for real? I think that when we get real excited about an actor or actress, it's because we love the character that they play on whatever we're watching.

Unfortunately, the people are not necessarily like that at all in real life. The whole point of them being involved in these roles is that they are good at being people who they are not in real life (sorry if that's confusing). That's one of the most amazing things about actors and actresses. Yeah, admittedly part of it is the change in clothes and hairstyle and whatnot that makes the difference. But they can change their accents, their attitude, and really begin to develop a completely fake person. Talent? Yeah, I think so.

It's always weird to hear them do interviews about their shows, because they always talk about their characters in third person as opposed to acting as their character, which always sounds awkward to hear after you have gotten so used to them being in one voice and style and, well, character.

Some people completely fall in love with a character -- whether it's just the look or the attitude and mood or some combination of personality traits and looks and whatnot.. and while it would be completely awesome to meet these people in real life, there's no guaranteeing that they'll be anything like the personas they have portrayed. Heck, they probably wouldn't dress the same either.

In some ways, that might be a disappointment... but that's the life of TV. It would be ridiculous to expect that the person in real life would be a carbon copy of who they play. But perhaps that's one of the reasons why it would be so cool to meet them -- because they are so different. And maybe that's what leads to things like TMZ and celeb magazines and all that stuff; people want to know what these people are really like. However I have a feeling that just like the news only reports on the super dramatic stories, these 'informative' leaks about the lives of the elite seem to only include the partying, the drug usage. run-ins with the law, and dating.

I guess if I were to meet the actress whom I find most attractive (not just physically), I'd just want it to be a normal hangout. Just something chill. And, since I usually suck miserably at coming up with date sort of ideas, I'd probably need help with that one... Unfortunately I think that these people are often not left to live their lives in peace. Because they are so commonly seen, the general public (or perhaps just the wishing people who are bored with their own lives) thrive on the little tidbits of information about these people's lives. At what point do we just leave them alone to live in peace? I think that's what would bother me most if everyone knew who I was. Like I said the other day, different world. But, of course, that's in a different manner of speaking.

Someday I'd love to be able to just randomly run into these people. Though if I were in their shoes, I would be very uncomfortable with the random people approaching me... it might almost feel creepy. Oh well, what are you going to do. Those are the occupational hazards, right? Regardless, I appreciate what these people do and how well they do it -- and from the one or two people I've met who are widely known, I sincerely appreciate the care with which they approach fans and spend time to talk or sign some things. You can't get to talk to everyone, but certainly seems like they make an effort.

No idea how to close this one off. How about, the end?

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