Friday, May 6, 2011

Music Monday #15

This past weekend, I went with some friends to Highpointe of Clemson to play some volleyball. I hadn't played on real sand in a long time and let's just say I was pure awful. But this isn't about how I sucked at volleyball, it's about music. Well Highpointe has a sweet setup speaker-wise and someone had their iPod plugged in, and this one song played and I loved it, had a nice beat and was just good... and I remember listening to the lyrics specifically so I could remember them and look it up later. Well, long story short, I forgot them. But finally, it came to me today!

So the song (for those who neglected to read the title) is Rocketeer by Far East Movement. I loved the song Like a G6, but this shows a completely different side -- a mixture of chill and upbeat, I would say. It's just a great mix with some good lyrics and some soothing tones. Definitely a recommendable piece in my book.

I'll most certainly be on the lookout for more work from these guys as they slip more and more into the mainstream music industry.

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