Thursday, May 5, 2011

the royal wedding .

Well, the Royal Wedding of recent was never something I would've thought I would be excited about. And yet, the union of Prince William and Kate Middleton touched me in some way. By no extent am I a die-hard Brit, and in all honesty I found it silly that so many people would stay up and disturb their precious slumber just to watch 2 people get married.

Obviously it is a giant deal for England, and also the final piece, in my opinion, to a rebound and recovery that was absolutely necessary after the tragedy that had befallen Princess Diana. But when I woke up early to do some work and study for various things that morning, something struck my eye, since the TV was on since roommate Will had attempted (and failed) to stay up to watch the wedding.

It was the way they looked at each other. And the way they just acted around each other. Even the TV reporters noticed it. They were just so comfortable; you could tell they were just absolutely in love with each other. And finally, you see just how genuinely happy they were. And while this may have been a gigantic ordeal for the entire United Kingdom, and England in particular, you could tell that they had their own special moment(s) up there, as if they were completely alone.

It really touched my heart, and oh, to be that much in love with someone someday would just complete life. Despite not knowing them, I'm happy for them, that such a marriage of true love was a possibility, and that they found the right person, as two puzzle pieces that match perfectly.

I hope that people leave them alone now, and just let them live life together happily, and hopefully not be too bothered by the paparazzi.

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