Saturday, May 28, 2011

blind 'til someday .

With so many ways of social networking online, it's inevitable that you will meet people. From the time that we were first introduced to such things, our parents implored that we set up every sort of privacy setting possible. Personally, even though I don't have a facebook anymore, I still have Twitter, this blog, a few youtube accounts, and I used to have a myspace way back in the day. And for the most part, I agree with my parents (shocker, I know) -- it's just too easy to completely impersonate someone else over the internet.

But in some ways -- I want to communicate with those randoms. I would love if random people were able to read this blog and all of a sudden think, well dang. This is good. I mean, to me, all the things in these posts are important. Though there are almost indefinitely people out there that couldn't care less. Regardless, 'meeting' people over the internet is kind of intriguing, and even more so when you guys sort of 'click.' But what if you could meet in real life?

All the walls are taken down and internet shields taken away. You finally get to talk to a face, instead of a tweet or a comment or an email. Heck, you get to see a face for that matter. And not just one that is frozen in time in a picture. You can finally spend time with that person and get to know them and do things other than just talk via the internet.

Now the outcome of such a meeting isn't necessarily good... I guess in some ways you'd be taking a huge risk by even physically meeting in the first place. But you've got to live life right? I think that taking risks is part of that. I'm not even saying that meeting is the best idea at all... I'm just saying that given the right circumstances, it could end up being really cool.

And this is not at all in the sense of a relationship thing... Personally I think that online dating sites are pretty stupid and that in many ways it's virtually impossible to create some sort of true love by an online relationship and profile alone. But, some people have ended up really happy from that stuff... so good for them! Still... I think it promotes the impulse to just ignore real life interactions and simple restrict oneself to the interwebs. However, I already talked about that in another blog.

How far would you go to meet this random person? I suppose it depends, as in many situations that is the case. It depends how close you've become and how well you know each other. Obviously it depends on knowing their location and agreeing upon meeting... I don't think it would work too well if you stalked enough to the point that you were able to just show up at their door. Yeahhhh.... super creepy... not a good life choice.

Well this post will really only be at the top of my feed for a day or so... but if you stumble across this, feel free to follow... and welcome, if you stay.

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