Thursday, May 5, 2011

rattatat rap .

Well, I'm not big on rap music normally, but I got super inspired the other day, and ended up writing a rap (something I rarely and would never really do). However, at the suggestion of an apartmate, here it is:

you know
people gon' stay the same from when they was back in high
i refuse
i refuse to be that guy
i'm gon' change myself and i'm gon' be better
better than any of you could ever be


when i was young and growin up i'd had quite enough
of this shit that was it i didn't know what it was
i had no idea what i was doin wit me
and the way the kids were wasn't comin for me

smoked three and half now i'm knockin on four's door
now i'm wond'rin what's comin when i'm back at the shore
regardless, relentless i will stay to the end
when i am changing myself i'll be better than this trend

i ain't got no hypocrisy none of that is my game
when i walk in the door they say "fuck man, he's insane"
but i don't pay no attention i don't see what they see
when i look in the mirror that's when i see, only me

you ain't got it right now and you never going to get it
this world'll fuck you over right now if you let it
i refuse to be worst i am goin' to be better
if you're lockin' me out, i ain't comin' back, no, never

if you think that you're gonna keep talking all of this shit
well i gotta wakeup call for you, man, this, is it!
i've had it i'm done and now it's time to get rough
because i told you already, fuck man, that's enough

it was two years ago, i got the hell outta dodge
and now i'm comin' on back and you still live in that lodge
what you doin' with your life, i'm sure as hell fine with mine
when i design, i can do good as i do with this rhyme

you stepped outta your boundary, now it's time you get shot
dude i ain't playin' that's what it is whether like it or not

now, i'm comin but not wit a gun, bullets are dumb, they'll just remember the one
that hit em to see if they bleed, rock it to me, cock it and block it you cannot proceed
what do you see? dude it is me. walkin around like i am just free
and maaan you gotta be trippin because i am rippin the life that you taken from me
beat it to bleed it don't care to receed it i'm hot but you're not and i'm givin it all that i got
gotta be pumpin and workin and rockin' and rollin' and cockin' and shootin' and POP


[closing remarks]

these kids don't know what they're up against
they don't know me
they haven't seen me for years
i disappeared
and no one cared, man
this is where i come from
this is MY life man
i just gotta do me
i gotta live it

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