Tuesday, May 10, 2011

my future room .

I've wanted to have my own room for a long time. Although in some ways I do enjoy the company of my brother in the same living space, it'd be cool to have a place that is very much, put simply, your own. Something you can do anything you want to, in terms of color and arrangement and decor. For as long as I can remember my room has been a very pale blue, with a less-than-pristine blue fuzzy carpet. The same sheets and comforters that we grew up with are still presently laying on our beds, giving the illusion that a toddler and a 10-year-old still reside in the room. Likewise, the curtains have the same matching silly patterns on them, though they block almost no light, whether that be from the years of hanging up there or the fact that they are just plain thin to begin with.

Wherever I end up after my years of college, I know very well that I want to be able to sort of customize it in a way to my liking. A scene from 500 Days of Summer comes to mind, where Tom's entire wall is a chalkboard that he quaintly transforms into a black and white mural of his envisioned city. It matters not whether the landlord requires a fee to changes the walls, or maybe that just means I'll have to wait to truly make everything the way I want until I have my own home.

One idea is to use the walls as one giant notebook, in which I could just go and write lyrical verses, or biblical quotes. I could draw pictures and paint pictures or just doodle. Ever since you were born your parents always taught you not to draw on the walls, and you were in trouble if you did. Therefore finally being allowed this freedom might bring about a mighty catharsis, as emotion would finally have a big enough canvas to flow out upon. And the best part? If you don't like something you can just paint over it again and start over. Why limit yourself to one stark color or one boring pattern?

The other idea I had was sort of having pictures all over. I'm not just talking about small 4x6 pictures, but poster size stuff. The magic is not just in having pictures up, but more in the fact that the pictures on the wall would be poster-sized prints of places I had been, and photographs that I had actually taken. Looking through the various galleries in my iPhoto library, I realized there are a lot of pictures I would love to have blown up and put up somewhere, whether framed or not. There are some great shots I have from Europe when I last went, and a ton more that I have taken since I got my own digital camera a few years back.

I've never really been much of a scrapbooker or anything like that, but my digital pictures are all sort of in disarray so to speak, and maybe printing them would let me remember better everything I've taken pictures of.

With a semester in Barcelona just around the corner, I find it imperative for me to get in the practice of taking tons of pictures when I get the chance. After all, since the arrival of the digital age, you can always delete it later if you decide that you don't like it. Certainly it will be something I would want to remember, and remember each and every part to the highest degree possible. I anticipate that like every semester, the next will go by extremely fast, if not at lightspeed.

Before I start rambling, I'm going to end off there. I just had some ideas in my mind that I thought would be neat to start putting down, and perhaps I can come back and refine them later. First day of work is tomorrow, and I gotta be there at 630 (an hour later than last year, so I'll take it). Time to start the summer's grandparent-worthy sleep schedule!

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